Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Surprise in the mail!

Yesterday I received a very special surprise mailing! A friend of Tyanna's breeder/caretaker sent me the collar that she wore as a baby. Her BC stitched the name of each puppy into the collar. She has been meaning to send them out for awhile now, and she finally had the time to do it! CCI records birth order by means of color - Ty was the purple puppy. Ironically, she has been wearing a purple collar for quite awhile now! Below are pictures of the collar - the first is the puppy collar with her current one, and the second is an up close view of the stitching.

Friday, May 16, 2008


Before I head out for a night of fun, I decided I would force myself to sit down and write an entry. Granted, I can't remember much that went on during that past week or so, but I will try to fill you all in! Because school has been hectic (3 days left as a high schooler!), I haven't had much time to do any fun stuff with Tyanna. I am in the process of planning a trip to the Aquarium though, so that should be fun!

Recently I have switched her back to working on the gentle leader. I was able to curve her dog distraction using the prong and choke collars, and now we're back to walking nicely on a GL. We have also been practicing a lot of "appropriate greetings" with adults. She does great with little kids and teens, but for some reason, she gets SO wiggly with adults!

I am also working on her "car" command. When going into a front or back seat she does fine, but she hates to jump into a trunk or out of a trunk. It's not that she's afraid of the trunk itself, but she never thinks she can make the jump.

Looking at my iPhoto, I realize that I only have pictures from two events. The first was our trip to Claire's when my friend got a double piercing. Like most other young girls, Tyanna is a big fan of Hannah Montana, so I quickly snapped this photo.

Last night was the art fair at my high school. Ty did a wonderful job being a well-behaved puppy in training. She was great with the crowds, food, and artwork. We even had our photo taken by a professional photographer for the school...we'll see where it ends up!

Until summer officially arrives, updates will be sporadic, and life for Tyanna will be quite bland. I'll keep you in the loop!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Still alive!

I know I've been lacking in the posting right now! I just finished all my AP tests last week, so hopefully that will free up some time! Senior year is coming to a close, so I am busy busy busy. Expect a real update soon!