Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Second Update

Tyanna's second update arrived in my inbox last Wed, and I have finally had time to share it with you!

Overall, the report was mediocre. They reported about her dog distraction (which we all knew about), but said that it has been improving over the past month. I think the kennel stress is getting to her because they noted some behaviors that I have never seen her display. I am hoping that she will adjust and let herself shine :). She passed all of her medical exams, and is still a potential breeder, so we will see! The reports aren't very detailed, and they note more of the bad than the good, so I'm really not going to let it bother me, especially because dog distraction was something I had been working on with her since the first day home. She's just a social butterfly...

Hope all the training is going well! Enjoy your pups!