Wednesday, November 19, 2008

November Report!

I just got Tyanna's November report. There are many more positive elements, which I'm very excited for! They have her working on behaviors with wheel chairs now. She is currently classified as "second semester" meaning she has made it half way!! Her instructor noted that she has been seen growling at dogs trying to take bones from her, which is bad. On a positive note, she responded to the corrections. CCI thinks it has to do with reorganizing the pack because a whole new string of dogs just arrived in the kennels this month. Hopefully that improves. It's something that I have NEVER seen her do before, so that was definitely a shock. I'm really hoping she cleans up her behavior...quickly!

A picture of her as a puppy was featured in the CCI North Central Region Newsletter with an article called "The Cuteness Factor." I took the picture on Photobooth through my computer, so it's backwards. But you get the idea. :)