Thursday, August 28, 2008

Turn-in post/First Tyanna Update!

Hey guys! So I finally have a few moments to sit down and write!

Turn-in was AMAZING. The graduation ceremony had me bawling more than the matriculating portion to the ceremony. When we first walked into the building and saw all the CCI capes, I felt so reassured that I had done an amazing thing for this small (but so important) community of CCI. 2 minutes into the ceremony I was already bawling. By the time they called our names to the stage/showed the slideshow video, I was gone. I recovered myself in time to see the graduates take the stage, but then I REALLY lost it. I never knew I had that many tears inside of me!

After the ceremony there was a greet and meet room with food, CCI gear, and lots of people and puppies! I met up with Kara and Jen II, and found Tucker, Tyanna's brother! He is SO SO much bigger than her! It's crazy!! He made my 52lb baby look like well, a baby! It was interesting to see how they interacted - I feel like they knew who each other was.

After eating a bit and chatting, we went out in front to take some pictures, then headed over to the kennels to say goodbye. We took a few more pictures in front of a CCI sign, then went inside. I met with her trainer and answered some last minute questions about her, took off her vest, GL, and collar (that was the hardest part), said goodbye, then gave her the command to enter her kennel.

Closing the door was the worst. But, she soon met her roommate Wyatta and forgot all about me :). I then finished up talking with the trainer, and said my final goodbyes. Walking out of that room was incredibly hard. I just wanted to keep turning for one more glance.

Yesterday, I got Tyanna's first update. The first and last always come by a phone call. My parents and I had agreed earlier that all updates/news would go to them first because I don't want to get horrible news right before walking in to a huge final exam or anything of that nature. So, to say the least, I got a brief overcap from my mom about what was going on, and I have to call back after noon today to get the bigger picture, and the trainer has a few questions for me.

Overall, the report went well. They said that her class of dogs is one of the hardest that they have seen in the past 8 years, and they have already released a good number of them (hang in there Ty!). They were EXTREMELY impressed with her behavior around food (they dropped it all around her and she didn't even look), as well as her behavior in the pet store. At the park she was a bit too sniffy, and on the playground she was hesitant with the stairs. This worries me because I walked a jungle gym with her at least twice a week, so I hope that kennel stress isn't building up in her. That's just about all I know for now...I will give another update after the call today!

ps - she is still on breeder watch!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I Know, I Know...

I'm not forgetting about the official goodbye post. College has got me busier than an entire swarm of bees. I leave tomorrow! So if I don't get the post in tonight, it will be coming from my new dorm room!

I'm still missing my baby tons, but time has definitely helped to heal the wound. Thank you so much for all your support. There is nothing like the words from a fellow puppy raiser because you guys "just understand".

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Saying Goodbye

I think I have put off writing this post as long as possible. i leave for college on Thursday and I know I will be incredibly busy until then. To put it bluntly, I miss my baby SO SO SO much. I have such a heavy heart right now. I'm feeling completely shelfish about the way I feel, but for some reason I forgot how much it hurts to say goodbye. I emptied the house of all her stuff because I couldn't stand looking at it. The things that are sentimental I kept, but stuck them in a drawer out of sight. I barely made it through one of my favorite stores today that I used to bring her to. I'm not used to being alone like this, as weird as it seems. She's always just been there. I know the first few days are the hardest (especially when I don't have a new puppy to distract me), so I'm hoping that every morning I will feel a bit better.

I get my first update on her progress August 27th. She is still a potential breeder, so her first few weeks in the kennels will be breeder evaluation stuff. I'm anxious to see how it goes! I will post pictures of the big day soon, it's still hard to look at all of them.

These past 14 months have been an absolute blessing. I couldn't imagine spending them any other way. I will love you forever Ty baby.

Expect a real "goodbye" post soon.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Packing Up

I thought I would drop a quick note before we start packing up the car for the drive to Ohio. We will be driving half way there, sleeping in a hotel, then driving the rest in the morning.

I just wanted to thank everyone has has helped me over the past 14 months - you guys were great with any questions or concerns I have had. I REALLY appreciate it. I will post as soon as I can with pictures and stories from turn-in. Keep us in you thoughts! I will be thinking about all of the "blogger" turn-ins tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The End Is Close...Too Close

I can't believe I only have 2 more full days left with my baby. It's scary to think how fast these past 14 months have flown by! It's just something I cannot seem to get my mind around.

On Tuesday Tyanna and I were photographed by a professional photographer. It also happens that he is a yearly donor to CCI's annual Chicagoland fundraiser called "Day at the Races". He takes some excellent photos of pets and their people. Check his work out at On the left hand side of the page there are options for "People & Their Pets". I will get to see the photographs this Friday, and choose which ones I would like printed. Yay!! I can't wait!

Waiting for the photographer.

"Sharing" the back seat of the car.

Today was a busy day for Tyanna because she got to help me get some stuff for college. This meant consecutive trips to Costco, The Container Store, the mall, Walgreens, and Target. She did fabulous and I couldn't have been more proud of my girl!

Other than getting ready for our next adventures, we have just been hanging around enjoying each other. Monday was my last day at PetSmart for the summer. Now that my days are more free we've been having a blast. Enjoy your puppies!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Is it just me?

It seems like everyone is turning in puppies on August 16th!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Time flies when you are having fun...

...and that's exactly what we have been doing. Eight days left and no regrets.

The past month has been a busy one. I have been averaging about 37 hours/week at Petsmart. Pile on top of that friends, family, babysitting, and of course Tyanna, and you get one busy college bound teen! The past month has been full of adventures and new experiences. She got EXCELLENT reports from a couple puppy sitters which has definitely put my nerves to rest a little. Yesterday my friend and I when on a 5 hour shopping trip in the very urban town of Evanston and Tyanna did FABULOUS. I was very impressed with her! She is definitely ready to go back which is completely bittersweet. Although, as sad as it is to say goodbye, at the same time it is SO exciting to see what path they choose in life. I know that no matter what Tyanna chooses, she will make somebody EXTREMELY happy. :)

I also haven't been taking many pictures recently which is really sad. We have just been so so so busy. I never thought summer could get like this! I will try to update a bit more frequently up until "the day" (August 16) with more pictures and the goin-ons. My last day of work for the summer is the 12th, so I will have a few full days with the baby.

We will be making the trip to CCI the morning of the 16th (bright and early!). Coming with me will be my parents and best friend who has been there from the start, literally. She was there when I picked her up at the airport over a year ago. It just seems full circle. Plus, Tyanna has become a huge part of her life, so it's only fair that she tags along. :)

The pictures in this post were all taken yesterday in Evanston. Enjoy! Happy training everyone! I know there are a few puppies out there who are turning in soon (even some that are turning in the same day as Ty)...good luck to those puppies. You are all OUTSTANDING!

Friday, August 1, 2008

A Picture Fix For Now...

Stay tuned

Update arriving shortly!