Sunday, November 25, 2007

Now she thinks she's an angel...

...but she's only an impostor

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Puppy's First Thanksgiving

Happy thanksgiving guys! Hope you and your pups have a great day!

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My dog thinks she's a human. For real.

I got off for break on Tuesday, which means I pretty much had no homework over the weekend and Monday. This gave me an opportunity to spend a lot of time with Tyanna, at least more than I usually get. I love my girl so much, and I'm starting to realize how hard turn in is going to be.

Ty thinks she's a masseuse. Either that, or she likes being a warm blanket. The human in the picture is my friend who has known Tyanna since day 1. She came with me to the airport when I picked up the little chubby puppy, and they adore each other.

On Saturday she went with me to a college visit. She was during the opening session, but during the student session I started to get really sharp pains (I had surgery over the summer), and I started getting really stressed out, which made Ty really stressed....which means that it wasn't a good 30 minutes. After that session ended, I took her outside and we went for a short stroll, and got ourselves together. We went to one more session and she did great. My mom and I then went on a tour of the campus, and Ty stayed with my dad and casually strolled around. Because she is still a puppy, the day was getting a bit too long for her and I didn't think taking her on the tour would've been good. I could tell she was starting to near her breaking point.

Today I went down in the city with my friend to go shopping, so she stayed home for most of the day with my mom. Tomorrow she has a 'play date' scheduled with a CCI grad who lives a few streets away! This should be lots of fun for her, and a great learning opportunity, as well as a nice way to burn her energy before Thanksgiving dinner!

Enjoy your holiday!!!

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Friday, November 16, 2007

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

WORKing dog

Today Tyanna went with my mom to work. I had a very good report. My mom said that she heeled beautifully in the halls, and held down stays like a pro. It was a relief to hear this because I have been worried about how Ty listens to other handlers.

I'm working on trying to get Tyanna to come to school with me once a week or so, some of you may have gotten an email. A big THANK YOU goes out to all of those who offered advice!

Ty's diarehea has gotten a lot better. She has to finish her set of pills, but is now down with her perscription food, and will start back on her normal diet tomorrow.

There's not much else going on...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Back to the Vet

So, Tyanna has diarehea AGAIN. She got into some deer or rabbit droppings at the park, so she is on a strict diet of Hill's prescription foor (half a can 2x a day), and nothing else. No treats, no nothing. The poor girl is starving! A half can is NOT much food....she also has to take a pill every 12 hours with some cheese (she likes that part A LOT).

Last night was when it got really bad. Somehow (and i have NO idea how) she escaped from her crate, and she had an accident on the floor (not on carpet, thank god!). She then RAN upstairs and got my mom (i sleep with my door closed). My mom said that she was doing circles next to the bed really really fast, and as soon as she got out of bed, Ty dashed downstairs and to the door. When my mom opened the door she bolted outside and had really bad diarehea...poor baby! She's laying low right now on her bed, just relaxing. I hope she gets well soon!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

What a weekend!

Ty had a very busy weekend with me! I will try my best to remember the details...

On Friday she went to the play with me. It turns out my headmaster was 100% okay with it, and I didn't even have to do any begging. That's always nice! My school is a small, all girls private school (180 girls), and the performing arts center (where the play is held) only fits 100, so I had a lot of confidence that Ty would do well...and she did! She was absolutely fabulous. She held her down-stay the entire time, and fell asleep after about 10 minutes of watching the play. At intermission I had to help with selling concessions, so I put her in a down-stay, and dropped the leash so I could handle the money better. She didn't budge (even when a trash can was rolled into her by accident) or even try to lick crumbs off the floor. After the play was done, we made our exit, and so many people were shocked to find out that there was a dog in the audience!

On Saturday, she accompanied my friends and I to the mall. We got some dinner, checked out some stuff in the Apple Store, and looked at a few clothes in a new clothing store that was just put in. Again, she did fantastic. I'm so proud of her, and how far she's come! Unfourtunatly, I forgot to bring my camera to the play AND the mall, and I forgot my phone at home when I went to the mall, so my friend took some pictures with her phone:

Today has been pretty lazy for the most part. I was going to bring her with me to DSW to find some shoes, but she has been pretty tired today...and I can see why. So I decided it was best for her to have some crate time, and take a nice long nap. O! I almost forgot! My friend and I made homemade peanut butter dog biscuits on Saturday, and that was really fun, and Tyanna loves 'em! Alright, I gotta go finish my homework...

EDIT: You can see Ty's new gentle leader in the pics. I love how it barely shows much better than a blue strap across her face!!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Gotta work the puppy magic...

I have been trying to convince my head of school to let me bring Ty to the fall play, since they won't let me bring her to school. I haven't heard back yet, but I'm praying that its a yes! Has anybody done this type of outing with their pup? How did it go?

10 Weeks

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

busy busy

i'm probably not going to be able to do a real update until here's a baby pic to hold you over!!

Monday, November 5, 2007

My big girl is getting bigger!

I took Ty to the vet on Saturday, and she officially weighs 46.1 pounds!! That's only 2 lbs lighter than her mom, so we'll see if she grows much more...

Lets see, not much has been going on with us. Today we went to Walgreens and the guy at the cash register thought she was a graduate dog, and was trying to hand her the gum that I bought (CCI trains their dogs to "Up" onto the counter and take the item). It was funny because she sat just there wondering what she was supposed to do. She was good though, and didn't jump.

Tyanna STILL has not barked ONCE. Has anyone encountered this before?

She FINALLY learned "stand" today!! I don't know why, but it took her FOREVER to learn how to do this command, and it finally clicked to day (with three spoonfuls of peanut butter....).

Pictures soon, possibly the weekend!!