Thursday, January 29, 2009

a little bit more detail

I talked to Ty's trainer today and I got a few more details about her class, the expectations, schedule, etc.

There are 15 dogs going into this Team Training. The on-site class will consist of the 'regular' skilled companions and service dogs and the off-site class will be the ambulatory skilled companion dogs. The trainers are hoping to place Ty in the off-site class. The individuals in that class are kids with developmental disabilities and autism and a facilitator (usually a parent). In addition to the 'regular' set of commands, these dogs have also learned the "nudge" command. This is used to help focus the kids and break repetitive habits. Both of these classes will graduate together at the graduation/matriculation ceremony on Valentines day. Tony said that the latest they would be calling the PRs would be Friday, but she's pretty sure that she will be able to get a call to us on Thursday around 4pm. This is going to be a long week of waiting!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Hello everyone! I have exciting news!

Tonya (Tyanna's trainer) called today. She called the house, and my mom wasn't home to pick up, so she left a message. Unfortunately, due to weather in Ohio she was out of the office so I can't call her for more details until tomorrow after 4pm. However, she did leave me with some exciting news (although not a lot of details). She confirmed that Tyanna will be entering the February Team Training Class (which begins Feb. 2). Tonya said that they are looking at numerous possibilities for her, but are hoping to place her as an ambulatory skilled companion (i will explain that in more detail after I talk to tonya tomorrow) in the off-site class. They are running two classes this february: one at the CCI campus, and the other at an off-site location just for space's sake. Both classes graduate on Valentines day :). If she is placed in the on-site class i will know feb 4th. if she's matched in the off-site class i will know the 6th. if i don't get a call those days then she is either being released or being held until the may TT because she didn't make a match.

i will give you an update after i talk to tonya tomorrow!!

keep your finger crossed!!

here is a video that i love of cole and ilia, his skilled companion dog.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The countdown is in the single digits...

I'm working on not getting my hopes up - but there are many "housekeeping" things that need to be done in case that day comes. The biggest of them all (above the bus tickets, missing school, etc) is putting together a scrapbook of Tyanna's growing up. This is where I am turning to you guys - the network of puppy raising friends that know what it's like and how it feels - something that my parents and close friends can't identify with. I'm having trouble putting this book together on many levels. Any ideas where to being [or end]?

Actually, any ideas would be welcome. :) Thanks so much for your support. Let's still keep our fingers crossed!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

wow, i can't believe how fast time flies.

tyanna has exactly TWO weeks left in training. no matter what happens, i'm so so so so so proud she has made it this far!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

20 days and counting

if tyanna can make it through these next 20 days she will be graduating! keep your fingers crossed!