Wednesday, February 27, 2008

PetsMart Sessions


Let me back up...

For the past few weeks, I have been taking Tyanna to PetsMart on Wed. nights at 5:30. This is when they hold their puppy kindergarten class. No, Tyanna is not in puppy kindergarten...but I have found it a very useful tool when working with her dog distraction! Each Wed. we go and work around the pen where the puppies are...the LOUD, BARKING, WHINING, puppies. The first few weeks were a bit rough, and I was starting to give up hope. Last week was better, and today was FANTASTIC! She was able to walk around the entire pen (on a loose leash) and keep full eye contact! She would even sit when I stopped (this is required for CCI puppies). Because of this success, I decided to work her around the small animals and birds. She also did great! I'm so excited! Things are starting to turn around!

The puppy class was going on behind her...notice the great eye contact!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Staples Are Out!

Today Tyanna's staples were removed from her incision. That being said, she has been given a full clearance from the vet to return to her normal lifestyle. The incision still looks a little nasty, but I was told that it would "clean itself up" and turn into a "pretty" scar in no time. That was good news for my stomach...

Ty was a another PRs house from Thursday night to Sunday afternoon. Overall she got a good report: she was excellent with the house cat, settled in well at work, had good house manners, etc etc. The PR did mention things that I already knew about though: she has dog distraction, and a slight adolescent "stubborn side". I've been working really hard with her dog distraction, but have seen little progress. Does anyone have any tips? Tyanna is still putting up a fight about putting on her vest, which part of me thinks may be an adolescent behavior, but it is still something that needs to be fixed.

Today I took Ty on her first trip to Costco. She was at first a little nervous around the huge carts and loud noises, but quickly adjusted. Her people distractibility has improved loads, and she really only loses focus at the people who insist on smooching, whistling, and calling her to come to them. Being a lab, I don't really blame her though. We practiced commands in the aisles of food, and took some time to sit in the demo chairs and watch the carts and people go by. I even let her pick our a new dog bed, which she couldn't wait to use:

The tired pup is currently laying by my feet wrapped up in one of my blankets (that she decided to make her own)...sound asleep.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Goin-Ons

Tomorrow Tyanna will be going to another PRs house while I am gone for a few days in Saint Louis. She will be the only dog in the house (her current pup is with another raiser at graduation), so I wont have to worry about her being too wild :) (she is still supposed to be laying-low). She will be accompanying this PR to work on Friday, then doing some obedience work/social stuff with her Saturday and Sunday. This will be a great opportunity for her to experience another handler, something she especially needs right now.

Below is a picture I took last night. The scene is the usual: me doing homework, and the pup sleeping (and me being jealous!). Yet this time she found a pillow that I had left on the floor and decided to make it her own...

Because we wont be here tomorrow to post, here is our early Valentine's Day post with Tyanna sporting her pretty heart-decorated scarf she received at the groomers today:

Ty's recovery has been going excellent! She has all of her energy back, and acts as if nothing happened! We are still waiting on CCI's decision, though.

Friday, February 8, 2008

She's home!

Disclaimer: Do not look at the pictures if you don't like to see the "med" stuff.

Yes, my baby is finally home...and looking the best that she has in the past 7 days!! She's happily sleeping next to my feet, and couldn't be happier to be back in familiar surroundings. I still can't believe the difference 24 hours can make in her recovery...besides some funny walking and silly shavings, you would never know what she just went through! She greeted me at the door today with a wagging tail (we have a glass screen door and she can see when cars pull up), and has even been going up and down stairs! Perhaps the ONLY good part of this whole ordeal is that Tyanna lost the extra pounds that we were working off, and is back to ideal weight.

I have plans to go out to dinner tonight and out on Sunday, but other than that, I will be home helping her recover. Next Thursday she will be going to another CCI PRs house while I am in Saint Louis for a college interview. She will be the only dog in the house, and the lady she is staying with is a nurse, and has plenty experience with this stuff, so I feel completely confident with Tyanna being with her for a few days. She will even be accompanying this lady to work on Friday, and working on some commands through out the weekend. This will also be a great experience for the adolescent Tyanna who has recently begun to get a little "loose" with other handlers other than myself.

Here are some pictures of her incision:

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Just got home

Pre-Surgical Tyanna

Just got home from visiting Ty. She looks much better, and her incision looks a whole lot less sore. She was definitely more aware, and had LOTS more energy. She was really still for the first hour of visiting, and after a few continuous whimpers, I asked the ICU if I could take her outside. Sure enough, she had to "Hurry" like a mad woman! As soon as we got back inside she was all wiggles and wanted to greet everyone in the lobby. When the ICU nurse (if that's what you call them) came back to get her, she gladly trotted off with a whirlwind at least I know she likes them :). For now, CCI has big hopes that she will not be released, and after tonight's visit, I have a feeling she will be just fine. She comes home tomorrow morning at 10am!!!!! My dad will be picking her up while I'm at school, so I wont get to see her until 3:30 when I get home :(.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Tyanna Medical Update

For the past few nights, I had Ty sleeping next to my bed in case she had to go outside (she was having diarrhea). Tuesday night (3am), I woke up to a jolt of my bed (she was tethered to the post) and the very unpleasant sound of diarrhea. A few minutes later she threw up twice. My mom volunteered to sleep with her in the kitchen in case she experienced another spell. About an hour later Tyanna had more diarrhea and vomiting.

As soon as the vet opened, we called and arranged for her to stay another day so they could monitor her, and try to get her to eat/drink (it had been 36 hours since she had had food and a good amount of water). After I left for school, my mom dropped her off and continued on her way to work. She also placed a phone call into our Puppy Program Manager. A few hours later, my mom got a call from the vet's office saying that Dr. Daniels from the CCI headquarters was having Tyanna transferred to the Emergency/Referral hospital, and my mom was to pick her up and take her there immediately.

When my mom got there she was given an address to take Tyanna to, no time for any explanations. All they could tell her was that CCI was taking control of the situation, and Dr. Daniels was in charge. Understanding, my mom rushed Ty to the ER, where her name was already written on white boards and a file was already put together. She was taken into the back, and my mom was instructed to go home, and wait for a phone call.

About an hour later my mom got a call from a surgeon telling her that they found something in her intestine, and were already operating on her (with approval from CCI) to find out what it was, and remove it. This was around 3pm. At 6pm, I picked up the phone and it was the surgeon on the other end telling me they found a Highlighter marker in her small intestine, and that she will need to stay in the ICU for the next 3 days.

At 9am today, I got a phone call from the ER asking me to come down and see if I could get her to eat some food because they were having no luck. Of course, I rushed down to see my girl and try to get her to eat. As soon as they opened the door and she saw me she started to wag her tail (as much as she could, anyways). Of course, knowing the mama's girl that she is, she ate her entire breakfast out of my hand, and even worked up enough energy to lick the bottom of the bowl :). I spent the next hour and 45 minutes on the ground with her before it was time for her to go back to the ICU. She has about an 6" incision, and her entire underside/sides are shaven....yet she still looks adorable to me :).

I would like to commend CCI for all they did with Tyanna. Even though we are hundereds of miles away from Dr. Daniels out in Santa Rosa, CA, she cared enough to investigate the situation and find out what was going on. If it wasn't for her, and her concern, Ty would probably still be at our normal vet's office "experiencing the side effects of going into heat". It amazes me that Dr. Daniels knew enough about Tyanna and what she was going through to make some executive calls, and change the path of action.

Please keep praying for Tyanna and a super quick recovery. When we get more information, CCI will evaluate her condition, as well as her future.

The house is pretty empty without her, and I can't wait to have her back! We still dont know how she got the highlighter, or when she had the opportunity to chew it, but nonetheless, everyone has learned a very big lesson. I feel very guilty about the situation and all the "what-ifs", but what is, is what is. It's a complete horror to me that the first inappropriate item she has EVER chewed turned into such a fiasco.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Please get your puppies prayin'!

So, it has been a whirlwind of a day, and I'm not quite ready to talk about it yet. Please keep Tyanna in your prayers for now. Hopefully I will be able to do a more legitimate update tomorrow.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Camp CCI?

After spending the entire day at the vet's office, the vet believes that Ty may be coming into heat which could be the cause of such severe side effects. We are "on alert" and watching her closely to see what happens. If she is indeed going into heat, she will be driven down to CCI and will stay in their kennels for 3 weeks... :(.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

The "Artistic" One...

For the first time EVER, Tyanna found something that wasn't hers, and decided to chew it. Of course, this thing had to be a Highlighter, and to our joy, we ended up with some bright yellow splotches on a white carpet and one sick puppy.

After vomiting almost 6 times, we rushed her to the vet where she was x-rayed. The x-rays showed no plastic in her, which was great news (if there was, she would have needed surgery). So, instead, the vet gave her an injection of Cerenia, a new anti-vomiting drug. Well, to say the least, the drug helped with one end...

Side effects of Cerenia: hyper salivation, muscle tremors, lethargy, lack of appetite and diarrhea. Unfortunately, she is experiencing ALL of these, and may need a trip back to the vet.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Presentation Pictures

My mom took these pics, all of them candid, so enjoy my random facial expressions!!

The Snow Beauty

The snowfall has been insane! We have SO much snow on the ground! Luckily, school was called off today, so I took Tyanna outside in the winter wonderland to snap a few pictures. The snow was up to her stomach, so it was interesting to see her try to walk...she actually ended up hopping all over the place.

Tyanna gave our CCI presentation at my grade school on Wed. It went really well, and Tyanna was extremely behaved. I had two graduates presenting with me, and they were both amazed at her behavior for such a young dog! My mom took some pictures, so once I get them off her computer I will post them!