Monday, June 2, 2008


I have 75 days left with my baby. Time flies! Before I know it summer will be coming to a close and it will be time to say goodbye.

On a happier note, Tyanna and I have been relatively busy and lazy at the same time. We had a few busy days, and since then Ty's life has been pretty bland with all my graduation and end of school stuff. Her life should start to pick up again after Thursday (graduation!).

We had a memorable trip to the mall the other day. There is an interesting playground that I thought would be good for some surface practice, so I decided to walk Tyanna through. There were hills, and I decided to make her stop and do a fit sits and downs just for good practice on a new surface. Well, as soon as we hit our first down we were SWARMED with children. To be exact, they were ADORABLE Asian children whose parents began to whip out their cell phones and take MANY MANY pictures of their kids with "the dog". Unfortunately they were speaking in a much cooler dialect than boring English so I didn't get much of what they were saying...but by the looks of it they were sending quite a few cute pictures to family and friends! I didn't have my camera with me, so my friend and I took out our phones and snapped a few pictures too!

These pictures only show a portion of the children. At one point I think there were 7 petting her at once. Tyanna did fabulous with this onslaught of young people. There was a little girl who was literally kneading Ty's back leg, one boy looking in her ears, and another girl playing with her vest. My baby didn't budge! She was able to sneak a few kisses behind my back though...but who can blame her?

We also had some fun on Memorial Day. We missed the parade but we made the closing ceremony. It was great crowd exposure, but unfortunately it was also the first HOT day of summer so Ty was a bit out of it.

Practicing her "up" command on some old battle artillery.

In other news, I have switched her food to Blue. For the past few weeks she has completely stopped eating her Eukanuba. I didn't want to give in because I thought that maybe she was just being stubborn, but after two weeks of barely eating I switched her food. We are still in the process of "phasing out" the old, but she is eating full meals now. This is also a higher quality food, so the switch isn't a bad one!

Hope everyone is enjoying their puppies and SUMMER!


Emily and Suede said...

Suede has also started the not eating. She is getting better, and I cut back her food a bit. And 75 days? What is the date? Because that sounds pretty close to August 16th...

Madison said...

Great to hear from you! 75 days I hate count downs!

Joanna and Camry said...

YAY for updating!!! I'm sorry you only have seventy-five days left!!! What date is that (I'm too lazy to count :))? Aww, Tyanna!!! Sad.

Kelsey and Spike said...

Ahhh Tyanna is looking good as always. ;) 75 days sounds like hardly any time at all. :(

Emily and Suede said...

August 16th! Funny it's the same day. Good luck to both of you on that day. I will be feeling your pain ;)