Sunday, April 19, 2009


Today is Ty's second birthday! Jackson's mom said he and his sister have been counting down the days. I sent a package in the mail with two of Tyanna's favorite things for her second birthday: a sterilized bone and liver treats.

Happy birthday, baby girl!!

Here are some pictures Jackson's mom sent me a while ago (click on them to see the full image - i'm not sure why they aren't working):

The first picture makes me laugh because I have about 15 pictures of the exact same thing. The second photo is Jackson's younger sister who absolutely adores Ty! It looks like she got a new pink collar :).


Sammy and Westin said...

Happy birthday to Ty!! It looks like she is very much loved :)

Sammy and Westin said...

and about the pictures..what size did you set them as? Maybe a smaller size would help :) maybe not, I'm not's worth a shot!

Sammy and Westin

Lisa and Ellie said...

Happy Birthday Ty!

Madison and Andros said...

Happy Birthday! Such adorable photos!

Kara and Jen said...

Way late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY TYANNA! And Jen, too! :-)