Wednesday, June 6, 2007

11 Days!

I will be recieving my first CCI (Canine Companions for Independence) puppy in 11 days! Although this is my second time raising, it will be my first time with CCI. I was interviewed and accepted yesterday, and to my (extreme) delight, I was told there were puppies ready to go home next week!

This blog is going to follow the journey of being a puppy raiser (PR), from pick up to turn in, and hopefully, graduation!

CCI trains dogs for the disabled (except blindness), and it is the PR's job to take an 8 week old puppy, and turn it into a well behaved, socialized dog, ready for advanced training. The pup stays with the PR for a little over a year. Go to for more info!

I know I will be recieving a female from the "T" litter (I'm not sure of the parents yet). She is a Lab/Golden cross. Her name is either Tambia or Tyanna. I have talked to their Breeder/Caretaker (BC), who whelps and cares for the pups until they reach 8 weeks. She said that this is the best litter she has had I'm very excited! I've posted a picture of the only two girls from the litter below. Not sure which is which, but one of them is mine!

Yes, I know I am getting a girl, and these are not the most "girlish" colors, but I thought I would use CCI's colors, and represent!

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