Friday, June 22, 2007

Quick Pupdate

Things are going very well for my littly Ty. She's already grown! Her hurry is starting to get good...when I tell her to 'hurry' she starts sniffing around! My neighbors must think I'm crazy....Good Hurry! Good Hurry! I took some photos of her today, here are two of my favorites. Sleepy head, and destined to be something great.


Erin & Rei said...

Awww she is sooo cute!!!
I'm going to link you on my blog...let me know if you don't want this!
I am a PR for the guide dog foundation, with my second puppy

Runza said...

Ahhh - that's cute, and a quick learner!!

Joanna and Camry said...

She's SOO cute!!!!! :)

Raising A Miracle said...

Tyanna is adorable!! It sounds like she is learning fast.