Friday, January 4, 2008

I'll be the first to admit...

...that I have been such a bad blogger recently!! I have so much going on right now between recovering from surgery, school, and all my other stuff. Finals are coming up in a week, and I still have SO much to do, but I won't bore you with those details :).

Ty playing telephone with my friend's little sister, Brayden.

The past few weeks have been pretty slow for us because of surgery. Nothing really exciting lately. Just the same old same old....visiting stores and friends! After school today I took her with me to Walgreens. I forgot her gentle leader, but I wasn't in the mood to drive back home, so I took her in on her flat collar...and she did wonderfully! I was very impressed with her demeanor. She got a little distracted when a man started smooching at her, but other than that, she was great! I was able to hold a few poster boards, glue, and a big stack of note cards (AND her leash) with no trouble at all! This was such a relief for me because I have been worried about her heeling lately, but she seems to be doing a lot better.

I desperately need to start taking more pictures of her in public. I either forget my camera, or feel really awkward. But I have come to realize that I am not going to have many pictures from her, so I better get on it! There have been many moments when I wish I had my camera, like last Sunday. I was with a friend in Potbellys and Ty was asleep on the floor with crumbs around her head. Priceless moment only a puppy raiser could understand :).

Since I was in bed for most of the Christmas season, I wasn't able to take any pics of Ty by the tree, and mine died already so it's been I went over to my friend's house to borrow her tree for a photo op, and let Tyanna play with her pal Mackie (pictured). You may remember Mackie from some previous posts. She is exactly 1 month younger that Ty, and they get along great! It was So hard to get a semi-decent shot of the girls...

I'm heading out to the pancake house tomorrow for a quick breakfest, and I think I may bring Ty. I have never taken a pup there before, so I may call ahead in the morning to clear everything with the manager! We shall see!

Happy training!

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Joanna and Camry said...

I LOVE the second to last picture of Tyanna laying in front of the fire. She looks so pretty and peaceful!!!