Friday, March 28, 2008

Basking in the Sunlight

Who wouldn't want to be a puppy?

Tyanna is back, and pretty exhausted. She did a lot of traveling and switching yesterday so I definitely understand.

Suzanne called yesterday and told me that Ty had been tested at the vet and she was still in heat. She said that it would still be 100% okay for her to come home, otherwise, I could pick her up next weekend. We have a very ill family member right now, so I told Suzanne that we would stick to the original plan of Tyanna coming home with Madison because we weren't exactly sure if we would be able to make the 6 hour drive down to Ohio the following weekend. Anyways, our only provisions are that she must stay leashed and have no big outings in the next 3 days...after that, we're back to normal!

It was pretty snowy last night driving to South Bend, so both Madison and I were a little late, but it ended up working out just fine! We met in a PetsMart to make the switch. Needless to say, Tyanna was excited to see me, and I was excited to see her! When I first saw her Madison had her in a sit, but once she was released it was wiggly reunion time! She got a great report from both Suzanne and the Warrens, which made me happy :).

After getting kisses from Ty, I gave her to my dad and got to hold Andros, Madison's new puppy! HE IS ADORABLE. I wish I had my camera (I forgot it!!) because this is one of the cutest puppies...EVER. He's gonna be such a handsome boy when he grows up!

Our families chatted a while, took some pictures (which I will post once Madison e-mails them to me), and bought some last minute dog food. It was so cool to meet another raiser my age, and I definitely with that I had more that lived closer to me. Madison and her mom were some of the nicest people, and I hope we will cross paths again!

On our way home we stopped at Panera and Ty nicely stayed under the table. My dad wanted to "test" her, so he dropped a chunk of his sandwich next to her head and she didn't even budge! After a few minutes, she actually turned her head away from it! Good girl!

When we got home, Tyanna knew exactly where she was and started to get super happy. When we got inside she kinda froze, and just looked around. She wasn't quite ready for bed yet, so we practiced a few commands, and you can definitely tell that she stayed with 5 professional trainers for 3 weeks ;). She is still in "adjustment mode" and figuring out her new schedule. It's so nice to have her home!!!!!!!

WOO! That was a long post! Sorry! Congrats to anyone who made it all the way through ;) !


Joanna and Camry said...

Oh Tyanna, sooo nice to see your beautiful face again!! You look more mature!!! Goodness!!! I am glad she is doing so well, Maddie!! Happy she's home!!

Lisa & Runza said...

WOW - great pictures. I bet it's SO nice to get her back now. Hope your family member gets better soon! Enjoy her! :)

Lani said...

welcome home! She looks sooo comfortable snoozing in the sun

Andros said...

I posted the photo!

Emily and Suede said...

She looks very happy to be home :)