Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th everyone! Hope it all went well....

I had a REALLY exiciting experience tonight at my town's fireworks. I saw this GORGEOUS golden retriever pup with a blue bandanna and a patch on it, so I decided to get closer. Well, the patch read "future leader dog", and I recognized it immediatly because I was thinking about raising for Leader Dogs for the Blind and one point. So I got really excited, and introduced myself to the raiser, who was an older woman. She said it was her first pup, named Ginger. This puppy was beyond cute, it was beautiful. She was so nice, and so happy to meet a fellow raiser, as was I! Since we don't have any schools anywhere near us, it's always nice when these things happen! Unfourtunatly, I didn't have Ty with me because I was going to be staying through the fireworks, and we aren't supposed to bring our pups to the display for obvious reasons.

Another thing I forgot to mention: A few days ago my mom was on her morning walk, and she met a neighbor (around the corner) who has a Skilled Companion dog from CCI! What a small world!

Ahhhh, what a night! I LOVE it when things like this happen, it just reminds me of such a community we have formed all for the same cause: independence, freedom, and love. Ironically, that's what the 4th is all about too.


Raising A Miracle said...

How fun! I always enjoy meeting other raisers too. And I really like the parallel you made with what we do and Independence day. Cool!

Emily and Cordova said...

Hi! My name is Emily, and I raise for GDB. I currently have Cordova, who goes back in about a week, then I get a new pup. I just read your blog, and was going to link to it. Let me know if thats a problem!