Friday, July 20, 2007


Ty went to her first puppy class on Wed. She did really well, but was a little distracted by the other puppies. She is extremely excitable around people and dogs...any tips?? She/I pretty much knew everything that was covered, so it was pretty easy. She's doing really well at her 'homework' too! She is also making great strides with her GL. CCI only sent a puppy one (tiny and skinny) and an adult one (thick), with no inbetween. She has grown out of the puppy one, but looks funny in the big one! Overall, she's doing very well. Pictures soon!

My friend gets a little girl chocolate lab puppy tomorrow (named MAKI, which I thought of). So now my little girl will have a new friend! My other friend has a 5 month old black lab there will be many lab pup play dates!

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