Friday, September 7, 2007

Love Overdue...

I can't tell: either Ty thinks she's a human, or my friend thinks she's a dog.

I know, I am LONG overdue for a post! School started on the 28th, and ever since that day life has been CRAZY!

Lots of things have happened in the life of Ty, but I will try to remember most of them.

Last Wed. she graduated from puppy class! She will start basic obedience this Wed...very exciting! I really need to start her baby book so I can put her diploma in it. She has really been learning a lot, and is responding very well to all of her commands.

I've taken her to the train station twice to pick up my dad (who rides the train to work). I havn't taken her on the platform yet because of the extremely steep, open stairs, but we stand on the footbridge above the tracks and watch the train pull in. She remained in a perfect sit-stay! Wasn't even phased by the loud noise!

This is a very old picture...I couldn't find any recent ones!

My friend has a chocolate lab puppy who is exactly 1 month younger than Ty. Last weekend we slept over at their house (yes, a puppy sleepover!), and Ty did wonderful! They played well, and it was nice because she was completely exhausted the next day! Nothing bettern than a tired puppy!

Tyanna will turn 5 months on Thursday. In the North Central Region of CCI, this means that she gets her "big girl" cape - the one with all the patches and stuff on it - it's actually more like a vest with buckles. Anywho, you get the idea. I will post a picture when it comes! Now that she is 5 months she is allowed to go into public venues like stores, movie theaters, etc. YAY!

We also have a new treat system in our household. We use Bil Jac liver treats (her fav) for "hurry", Bil Jab peanut butter for training, and Old Mother Hubbard buscuits for "kennel" (I like the crunchy biscuits because they help keep her teeth clean). We bought small portions of each one, because we are trying to figure out what she likes best. DOES ANYBODY HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS FOR TRAINING TREATS AND BUISCUITS?! Alot of the containers were packaged so tight that she couldn't smell them, so it was hard to judge. Has anyone tried the science diet bucuits? And just for the disclaimer - she doesn't get a huge number of treats like it sounds.....we like to keep our girl nice and lean!

Over the past few days she has developed some gunk in her eye, so we have been flushing it, hopefully it will get better...or another trip to the vet it will be!

Oh! And she went on a road trip with me and the fam to go visit some colleges! She did GREAT! She was an AMAZING traveler, and it couldn't have worked out more perfect! We put down the seat next to me in our station wagon, and put her foldable crate there with the door open. She usually was half in, half out.


Joanna and Camry said...

She'll be five months next Thursday?? As in the thirteenth?? Camry will be five months next Thursday, the thirteenth!! Do they have the same birthdays??? It's insane that our girls are growing up so quickly though, makes me sad!

Joanna and Camry said...

Camry's birthday is April 13th, so she's just a few days older than Tyanna!!! I still can't believe how old they're getting. :)