Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Shopping Pup

So, a few days ago, Ty destroyed her first toy...a key labrador trait. It was a toy that she has had since the day she arrived, so it was about time. Some of her other toys were getting a little dirty too, so I decided to take her to the pet store to pick out a few new ones (as if she doesn't already have a trillion billion toys!). I hate wasting money on toys that she ends up not liking, so I literally allowed her to do the choosing. I released her from all commands, and we walked down the isles. She stuck her head into the shelves, and chose her first (the hard part was getting it away from her). Then, we decided to walk by the hanging toys...she took one off the display, and once again, I hate to fight for it, just to pay. Luckily, she didn't splurge on the super expensive kind of puppy :).

On another note, we have been giving her a bit more freedom. We have left her alone for up to 3 hours gated in our kitchen while we are out of the house. So far there have been no accidents, or chewed articles. Plus, it's nice to come to the door and see a puppy waiting on the other side of the glass, instead of in a crate!

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