Thursday, October 25, 2007

I promised...didn't I?

Okay, so the promised update...again! haha, i've been doing that a lot lately!

Alright, back to last saturday. There was a Graduate/PR workshop for all the chicago-land raisers/grads. It was SO much fun, and SO informative!!! I met TONS of people, and lots of other teen raisers...none of which blog, though. Sadly, there were no pictures taken by me, as i was trying to save my batter for the Fall Out Boy concert that night. There were A LOT of dogs there, and they all behaved beautifully! Ty got so many compliments from the trainers...I'm so proud!!!

Okay, so Saturday night was the FOB concert, so Ty stayed home with my parents while I was freaking out and yelling out for PATRICK!! Ah, we got spots at the barrier, which was pretty much amazing. It was probs the best day of my life. aldkjfdkfj i miss it so much! FOB is from my town, and this of course means we know all about them, have met them, they are in our yearbooks, etc, etc, so its so much fun to see them back home.

On Sunday, Pete Wentz did a signing. I brought Ty along, and she did GREAT while we waited in line for 2 hours. This was my second time meeting him, but I really wanted Ty to meet him so I could have something to pass along just incase she gets matched with a FOB lover!! There were no pictures allowed, but Pete signed her collar, and was totally interested in her, and was asking all sort of question...even took a CCI brochure!!

Her autographed collar:

While in line, completely ignoring all the trash and food on the ground:

Today we went to PetsMart to get a new collar because I don't want her wearing the autographed collar, understandably :). Instead of our traditional blue, we picked out a pretty purple. I know, I know, purple is not the best with blue and yellow, but I am so sick of everyone calling her a boy!!! Everybody I have encountered with her automatically thinks she's a boy because of her blue collar. Hopefully that problem is solved!!

Yesterday she went with me to Borders to pick up Cobra Starship's new album, Viva La Cobra! She was great, and we ran into a CCI graduate dog who happens to live around the corner from me (we have never met). Everyone in the store was so confused about what was going on because we were so excited to meet eachother and was making the line very interested....

Hope all the puppies are doing well out there!!

Happy Training!

Just so you know what I'm talking about:

Fall Out Boy:

Pete (resting bass on shoulder) and Patrick (holding up the guitar) are in the middle.


Lisa in waiting... said...

WOW - sounds like a great time. Way to go Ty with ignoring the trash and making a great impression on Pete

Joanna and Camry said...

Aww, Ty is such a good girl!!! That's awesome about the autographed collar. :)

Erin & Rei said...

Cool, it must have been interesting for him trying to write on a collar!LOl, Rei would have been jumping in his face when he started to bend down! LOL
Good Girl TY!!!


Okay, that is beyond cool. Pete signing her collar!!! Too cool for words. *really jealous right now*
Yay for Ty waiting nicely in line for 2 hours.

Lisa in waiting... said...

yeah, that's no problem!