Monday, November 5, 2007

My big girl is getting bigger!

I took Ty to the vet on Saturday, and she officially weighs 46.1 pounds!! That's only 2 lbs lighter than her mom, so we'll see if she grows much more...

Lets see, not much has been going on with us. Today we went to Walgreens and the guy at the cash register thought she was a graduate dog, and was trying to hand her the gum that I bought (CCI trains their dogs to "Up" onto the counter and take the item). It was funny because she sat just there wondering what she was supposed to do. She was good though, and didn't jump.

Tyanna STILL has not barked ONCE. Has anyone encountered this before?

She FINALLY learned "stand" today!! I don't know why, but it took her FOREVER to learn how to do this command, and it finally clicked to day (with three spoonfuls of peanut butter....).

Pictures soon, possibly the weekend!!



Emily and Suede said...

Thank you so much :) I am hoping she graduates. Ty sounds like she is being a great girl! Hope you are having fun with her, and can't wait for pictures!

Erin & Rei said...

Rei didn't bark at all until I started taking her to work with me (Dog Daycare) and even still she only barks when she's there! And the same with my first pup. Sooo....???!

Emily, Ellis, and Angel said...

It sounds like she is doing so well! I WISH I had a dog that didn't bark ;) Thanks for the update!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Onalee didn't bark until she just recently learned speak. She still won't bark unless she hears speak though, she's already figured that one out.

And stand isn't necessarily a "natural" movement for dogs, especially when they have to brace against pressure.

Remember to train her to do that when you do stand. They can't sit or move when you put weight/pressure on their back, slowly increase how much you push though.

A full grown lab should be able to support double to triple it's weight. My release, Gavin, can support a 180lb guy getting up solely by pushing on his back.

In any case! Teach her speak, then she'll bark, and it won't sound anything like you would have expected. Onalee has a deep male bark, poor thing :P

Cassie & Onalee

Runza said...

I think Runza barked three times the entire time I had him. I was rather grateful since I live in an apartment type situation. I figured, if KSDS needed him to bark later, they can put him in a kennel near a dog that does and that might help.