Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Alright guys, suddenly Tyanna is not responding to "release". I know, weird, right? Like I put down her food, tell her to wait, then say RELEASE! and she doesn't budge. She'll sometimes go take one piece of kibble and waits to see what happens. Frankly, it's getting pretty annoying. Any advice?


Joanna and Camry said...

She's not eating her food? At all? How old is she? Could she be going in to heat? Some females won't eat if they're experiencing a false pregnancy. One of my females refused to eat for about a month, and they never found out why... Or maybe, she just doesn't want to respond to "release" anymore!! :)

Madz said...

Well first with CCI puppy raising it is wait then "okay" not release. Then take using release away from food and use toys have you sit then take a toy and run and say release make her "get it". That should work and of course talk to your puppy program manager! :)

Kasey and Blitz said...

That's funny, because Blitz is doing the same thing. He's still loving to eat...It's not because he's not hungry, but it's like he's not sure if I MEANT the "OK."

Maddie said...

yea, it is deff. not because she's not hungry, its because she's unsure if it's okay to eat. Which is weird, because she usually jumps off the floor when given her release command!

Cassie said...

Shake her bowl and tell her okay. Has any loud noises happened when she's eating?

She could think you're going to punish her if she starts eating, try to be more relaxed (not get irritated or annoyed) and see if that helps.

But yes, the command to eat is not "release", the command to eat is "okay". "Okay" should only be for food. And "release" never for food, then they think they can eat things on the floor in public and what not.
Should probably switch her over now, because in AT they do test them with food on the ground and "release."

Good luck!!

Will she eat when you train with her? Maybe she doesn't like it bowl, has it been cleaned lately??