Monday, December 24, 2007

Quick Update

Sorry for the lack up updates guys! Unfortunately, it will continue to be slow for awhile. I had surgery today, so there won't be much to blog about. Tyanna is still doing great. She has proved to me that if she were to get CC'd, she would definitely make an excellent therapy dog! tyanna has been my escort all day. she sleeps by my bed, and when i wake up, she rests her head on my edge of my bed. then if i get up to go to the bathroom, she walks me there, waits until i come out, that walks me back to my bed. such a cutie, and so nice to have!!

I hope everyone has an amazing holiday. Give your pups a holiday kiss from Ty and I!


Jen said...

HEY just outta curiosity, what's Tyanna's tattoo #? The numbers always interest me cuz they tell what # CCI pup they are for that year!

Maddie said...


Joanna and Camry said...

Hey, I've never had a dog be unhappy wearing it's jacket. Maybe, I don't know the rules, but if you got special permission, you could have Tyanna do her favorite things in her jacket? Like, eat, and play and stuff. hopefully she could start associating the jacket with happy things, and she won't be so weary of it!