Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Goin-Ons

Tomorrow Tyanna will be going to another PRs house while I am gone for a few days in Saint Louis. She will be the only dog in the house (her current pup is with another raiser at graduation), so I wont have to worry about her being too wild :) (she is still supposed to be laying-low). She will be accompanying this PR to work on Friday, then doing some obedience work/social stuff with her Saturday and Sunday. This will be a great opportunity for her to experience another handler, something she especially needs right now.

Below is a picture I took last night. The scene is the usual: me doing homework, and the pup sleeping (and me being jealous!). Yet this time she found a pillow that I had left on the floor and decided to make it her own...

Because we wont be here tomorrow to post, here is our early Valentine's Day post with Tyanna sporting her pretty heart-decorated scarf she received at the groomers today:

Ty's recovery has been going excellent! She has all of her energy back, and acts as if nothing happened! We are still waiting on CCI's decision, though.


Kelsey and Spike said...

Love the scarf Tyanna, so cute! :)

Kasey and Blitz said...

Aw, so glad to hear she's feeling better! I love the picture of her sleeping whilst you do your homework. And she looks so cute in her bandanna!

The Puppy Raising Roller Coaster said...

I just got around to reading your medical adventures! WOW. Being in school to be a vet tech this is a pretty normal incounter. I am so glad that she is doing well. Good luck on you interveiw and to Ty to have a great recovery. ~MeKalea and GEB Glacier