Thursday, February 7, 2008

Just got home

Pre-Surgical Tyanna

Just got home from visiting Ty. She looks much better, and her incision looks a whole lot less sore. She was definitely more aware, and had LOTS more energy. She was really still for the first hour of visiting, and after a few continuous whimpers, I asked the ICU if I could take her outside. Sure enough, she had to "Hurry" like a mad woman! As soon as we got back inside she was all wiggles and wanted to greet everyone in the lobby. When the ICU nurse (if that's what you call them) came back to get her, she gladly trotted off with a whirlwind at least I know she likes them :). For now, CCI has big hopes that she will not be released, and after tonight's visit, I have a feeling she will be just fine. She comes home tomorrow morning at 10am!!!!! My dad will be picking her up while I'm at school, so I wont get to see her until 3:30 when I get home :(.


thepuppyraiser said...

Oh goodness I'm certainly behind! What a scary situation, but glad to hear that things were fixed before it got worse. The girls and I send virtual get well wishes to Tyanna, and hugs to you for staying strong through it :)

CONOVER said...

Yeah..well have fun with your girl when she gets home!

Emily and Suede said...

Yeah! Glad she gets to come home tomorrow :)