Sunday, August 17, 2008

Saying Goodbye

I think I have put off writing this post as long as possible. i leave for college on Thursday and I know I will be incredibly busy until then. To put it bluntly, I miss my baby SO SO SO much. I have such a heavy heart right now. I'm feeling completely shelfish about the way I feel, but for some reason I forgot how much it hurts to say goodbye. I emptied the house of all her stuff because I couldn't stand looking at it. The things that are sentimental I kept, but stuck them in a drawer out of sight. I barely made it through one of my favorite stores today that I used to bring her to. I'm not used to being alone like this, as weird as it seems. She's always just been there. I know the first few days are the hardest (especially when I don't have a new puppy to distract me), so I'm hoping that every morning I will feel a bit better.

I get my first update on her progress August 27th. She is still a potential breeder, so her first few weeks in the kennels will be breeder evaluation stuff. I'm anxious to see how it goes! I will post pictures of the big day soon, it's still hard to look at all of them.

These past 14 months have been an absolute blessing. I couldn't imagine spending them any other way. I will love you forever Ty baby.

Expect a real "goodbye" post soon.


Joanna and Camry said...

Oy. I don't envy you right now. Camry sends you as many wiggles as she can!!

Erin and Midnight said...

*sigh* I know the feeling. :-(
Here are cyber hugs from Midnight and Me:

Kelsey, Spike, and Burgess said...

Ugh. I know exactly how you've been feeling, because I've been feeling the exact same way. The first night was so hard without Spike, and it was hard to remember WHY we do this. All I could think about was how much I missed my boy. :( Time seems to be helping though.

Lisa and Runza said...

I am sorry - the puppyless feeling isn't a fun one. It gets better... Can't wait for your update. Good luck!

Emily, Suede, and Burgess said...

I know how you feel. It is getting easier, though right now, I just can't figure out why I do this, and why Suede can't just come home. Good luck to Tyanna though, and excellent job to you for raising such an amazing girl!

Kara & Jen II said...

Awww Maddie! You're making ME cry! Jen was a potential breeder at first too, something I didn't find out until just recently. Jen & I are praying for you; I can't say I know how you feel, but I can say that I'm here if you want and/or need me. And that I care. Oh, excuse me...WE care [sorry, Jen] :-)

Love & Hugs!
Kara & Jen