Thursday, August 28, 2008

Turn-in post/First Tyanna Update!

Hey guys! So I finally have a few moments to sit down and write!

Turn-in was AMAZING. The graduation ceremony had me bawling more than the matriculating portion to the ceremony. When we first walked into the building and saw all the CCI capes, I felt so reassured that I had done an amazing thing for this small (but so important) community of CCI. 2 minutes into the ceremony I was already bawling. By the time they called our names to the stage/showed the slideshow video, I was gone. I recovered myself in time to see the graduates take the stage, but then I REALLY lost it. I never knew I had that many tears inside of me!

After the ceremony there was a greet and meet room with food, CCI gear, and lots of people and puppies! I met up with Kara and Jen II, and found Tucker, Tyanna's brother! He is SO SO much bigger than her! It's crazy!! He made my 52lb baby look like well, a baby! It was interesting to see how they interacted - I feel like they knew who each other was.

After eating a bit and chatting, we went out in front to take some pictures, then headed over to the kennels to say goodbye. We took a few more pictures in front of a CCI sign, then went inside. I met with her trainer and answered some last minute questions about her, took off her vest, GL, and collar (that was the hardest part), said goodbye, then gave her the command to enter her kennel.

Closing the door was the worst. But, she soon met her roommate Wyatta and forgot all about me :). I then finished up talking with the trainer, and said my final goodbyes. Walking out of that room was incredibly hard. I just wanted to keep turning for one more glance.

Yesterday, I got Tyanna's first update. The first and last always come by a phone call. My parents and I had agreed earlier that all updates/news would go to them first because I don't want to get horrible news right before walking in to a huge final exam or anything of that nature. So, to say the least, I got a brief overcap from my mom about what was going on, and I have to call back after noon today to get the bigger picture, and the trainer has a few questions for me.

Overall, the report went well. They said that her class of dogs is one of the hardest that they have seen in the past 8 years, and they have already released a good number of them (hang in there Ty!). They were EXTREMELY impressed with her behavior around food (they dropped it all around her and she didn't even look), as well as her behavior in the pet store. At the park she was a bit too sniffy, and on the playground she was hesitant with the stairs. This worries me because I walked a jungle gym with her at least twice a week, so I hope that kennel stress isn't building up in her. That's just about all I know for now...I will give another update after the call today!

ps - she is still on breeder watch!!!


Joanna and Camry said...

Yay for finally posting!!! Let us know how the report goes today!!! I hope she's made breeder!!!

Erin and Midnight said...

Aww! We're sorry to see Tyanna go..but we can't wait to see how she does in training!!!

Kelsey, Spike, and Burgess said...

Aww good job at turn in. It really is pretty darn hard. And good luck to Tyanna, sounds like she's doing good!

Emily, Suede, and Burgess said...

Great pictures! Glad turn-in went good... or at least as good as it can good. And good job Tyanna! Sounds like she is doing great so far! Continued good luck to her.

Kara & Jen II said...

Let's see if Ty becomes a breeder! Hang in there, girl!!!

Kara & Jen

Emily, Suede, and Burgess said...

I just saw the CCI puppy raiser video thing on Youtube. That's really cool they did that! I saw Tyanna in there, good pictures ;) Good luck to her!

Shadow said...

Aww!!! Are you going to get to raise another one? I'm sure she'll do excellent as an assistance dog!

Sarah and Shadow

Emily, Suede, Burgess, and Tahoe said...

I just nominated your blog for the 'I love your blog' award. Make sure to check out my blog for more details!

Natalie said...

Check out my blog for your award :)