Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Nice To Meet You

CCI puppies have to learn to shake as part of their 30 commands they must master by the time of turn-in. Well...Tyanna is not picking up on shake too quickly. Does anyone have any tips??

PS - She's feeling 100% better!


Emily and Suede said...

How are you doing it? I taught Enzo and Tizzy to shake in a day. I would put my hand out in front of them, tap their shoulder, and they would paw at me, trying to figure out what I wanted. I used treats, and I taught them that when I put out the same "hand" that I do, so it kinda taught them directions.

Emily and Suede said...

Interesting! Do you have an IM address or something so I can talk to you about it more?

Runza said...

I'm guessing you use "high-five" for the traditional shake where they lift their paw to you. And, I'm guessing that CCI uses "shake" to let the hair fly as it were. At least that is what KSDS does.

So, to do this with Runza, we started in the bath. It's rather natural for them to "shake" all the water off at the end of the bath. We aren't to let them "shake" until we tell them too. After several bath times, he had it down. And then, whenever we took off his cape, we would give the command and he would shake.

If CCI uses "shake" as a "high-five" command where they give you a paw, then don't get too discouraged, it took awhile to teach my parents dog to give us his paw too. He just refused and refused until about 6 weeks later when he decided it was okay. Now, it's hard to get him to stop!!!

Emily and Suede said...

You have to teach them to shake?? Wow, that is interesting. Why do you need to do that?

Outdoor Girl said...

My girl Penelope didn't want to shake either. What I did was tap her "ankle" just behind her paw until she picked the paw up; then I took it and gave her a treat and praised her. She caught on pretty quick. Hope it works!