Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Runs

Well, I am home from vacation and picked up the pup from her puppy sitter this morning....AND she has horrible diarrhea. She got some yummy rice in her lunch, so we will see if that helps. She has been sleeping for an hour and a half now, and has not been outside since her first mess. Luckily, it was not in the house, but was in the neighbor's yard...

Does anyone have any tips for this kind of situation? Her first few adult teeth are also coming in, which she is not happy about. Between the diarrhea and the teeth, she's not feeling so well. I'm going to try to keep putting some water in her so she doesn't get dehydrated. Poor baby. When she is feeling more up to the weather, I will try to post some pictures.

She has her 4 week shots tomorrow, so we will see what the vet says about all of this. Hopefully she just ate something that did not agree. But then again, after playing with 3 other dogs for a solid 2 weeks, she may just be completely exhausted. We'll see, and I'll keep you posted on her progress!


MK said...

Hi! Tyanna has my pup, Edgar, added on facebook, mind if we link to you here? :-)

As for the teething, have you tried giving her ice cubes? My pups loved ice cubes when they were teething & even now. Not too many at a time though, 4 or 5 was my limit.

As for the icky pooping... well rice and boiled chicken was all the vet suggested for me. On all occasions they also gave him Metronidazole which helped tons. Edgar's had the runs a lot... inside once even, so I know what you mean. Good luck and I hope Tyanna feels better soon!

MK & Edgar

Emily and Suede said...

Another think I do is take a cup, put like 4 pieces of kibble in it, and put about an inch of water in it and put it in the freezer. I find this easier, and more appealing than several ice cubes. I hope that she feels better soon!! Did her puppy sitter mention anything about it to you?

I miss you Loden! said...

Try rice, just regular rice for a couple days until it clears. If needed, add some ground turkey and cottage cheese for more protein and substance. Good luck! Loden was on this diet for a while, they like it and it really helps them out. I hope you find something that works! You can try freezing a chew toy for her, maybe a rubber one or a bone or something if the ice cubes don't work, she'll like chewing on them and it'll add the coolness to take away the ache!

Maddie said...

Thanks for the great suggestions!!

What I do for teething (besides ice cubes) is tie a knot in a small tower, dunk it in water, then put it in the freezer. this seems to help her.

our vet appt. is at 9am tomorrow - so I will be finding out what's going on first thing in the morning!