Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Back to the Vet

So, Tyanna has diarehea AGAIN. She got into some deer or rabbit droppings at the park, so she is on a strict diet of Hill's prescription foor (half a can 2x a day), and nothing else. No treats, no nothing. The poor girl is starving! A half can is NOT much food....she also has to take a pill every 12 hours with some cheese (she likes that part A LOT).

Last night was when it got really bad. Somehow (and i have NO idea how) she escaped from her crate, and she had an accident on the floor (not on carpet, thank god!). She then RAN upstairs and got my mom (i sleep with my door closed). My mom said that she was doing circles next to the bed really really fast, and as soon as she got out of bed, Ty dashed downstairs and to the door. When my mom opened the door she bolted outside and had really bad diarehea...poor baby! She's laying low right now on her bed, just relaxing. I hope she gets well soon!!

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