Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My dog thinks she's a human. For real.

I got off for break on Tuesday, which means I pretty much had no homework over the weekend and Monday. This gave me an opportunity to spend a lot of time with Tyanna, at least more than I usually get. I love my girl so much, and I'm starting to realize how hard turn in is going to be.

Ty thinks she's a masseuse. Either that, or she likes being a warm blanket. The human in the picture is my friend who has known Tyanna since day 1. She came with me to the airport when I picked up the little chubby puppy, and they adore each other.

On Saturday she went with me to a college visit. She was during the opening session, but during the student session I started to get really sharp pains (I had surgery over the summer), and I started getting really stressed out, which made Ty really stressed....which means that it wasn't a good 30 minutes. After that session ended, I took her outside and we went for a short stroll, and got ourselves together. We went to one more session and she did great. My mom and I then went on a tour of the campus, and Ty stayed with my dad and casually strolled around. Because she is still a puppy, the day was getting a bit too long for her and I didn't think taking her on the tour would've been good. I could tell she was starting to near her breaking point.

Today I went down in the city with my friend to go shopping, so she stayed home for most of the day with my mom. Tomorrow she has a 'play date' scheduled with a CCI grad who lives a few streets away! This should be lots of fun for her, and a great learning opportunity, as well as a nice way to burn her energy before Thanksgiving dinner!

Enjoy your holiday!!!

EDIT: The blogger picture thingy wasn't working, so I had to use photobucket to upload the pics. Click on the thumbnails to see a bigger version!

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