Sunday, November 11, 2007

What a weekend!

Ty had a very busy weekend with me! I will try my best to remember the details...

On Friday she went to the play with me. It turns out my headmaster was 100% okay with it, and I didn't even have to do any begging. That's always nice! My school is a small, all girls private school (180 girls), and the performing arts center (where the play is held) only fits 100, so I had a lot of confidence that Ty would do well...and she did! She was absolutely fabulous. She held her down-stay the entire time, and fell asleep after about 10 minutes of watching the play. At intermission I had to help with selling concessions, so I put her in a down-stay, and dropped the leash so I could handle the money better. She didn't budge (even when a trash can was rolled into her by accident) or even try to lick crumbs off the floor. After the play was done, we made our exit, and so many people were shocked to find out that there was a dog in the audience!

On Saturday, she accompanied my friends and I to the mall. We got some dinner, checked out some stuff in the Apple Store, and looked at a few clothes in a new clothing store that was just put in. Again, she did fantastic. I'm so proud of her, and how far she's come! Unfourtunatly, I forgot to bring my camera to the play AND the mall, and I forgot my phone at home when I went to the mall, so my friend took some pictures with her phone:

Today has been pretty lazy for the most part. I was going to bring her with me to DSW to find some shoes, but she has been pretty tired today...and I can see why. So I decided it was best for her to have some crate time, and take a nice long nap. O! I almost forgot! My friend and I made homemade peanut butter dog biscuits on Saturday, and that was really fun, and Tyanna loves 'em! Alright, I gotta go finish my homework...

EDIT: You can see Ty's new gentle leader in the pics. I love how it barely shows much better than a blue strap across her face!!

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oh wow, I'm glad you and Ty had fun at the play. Yay, Ty for being a good girl and staying in your down-stays!
After you keep going to events such as these and they see how well she bahaves then maybe when she gets older they won't mind her coming to school with you.