Thursday, November 8, 2007

Gotta work the puppy magic...

I have been trying to convince my head of school to let me bring Ty to the fall play, since they won't let me bring her to school. I haven't heard back yet, but I'm praying that its a yes! Has anybody done this type of outing with their pup? How did it go?

10 Weeks


CCI pup said...

We have taken Solly to many of plays before at my high school.
WE usually just take him. And if any one ask us we explain. " Its easier to ask for forgiveness, then to get permission"
If Tyanna, is a well behaved girl usually it won't be a big deal, you take a seat, she is quiet, and your good to go!

CCI pup said...

How old is she. She may be to young to go to a play.

CCI pup said...

How old is she. She may be to young to go to a play.

Madz said...

I am not sure that I would take a 5-6 Month old puppy to a school play especially when you are begging for permission.

Madison CCI PR

Runza said...

Good luck. I don't have any suggestions, but will say I got into puppy raising because a friend of mine brought her KSDS puppy to school. That was the first I learned of it, and got me into it. Again, good luck!

Anonymous said...

I think it depends on your pup. Onalee is calm as a dead horse in public, so I pretty much trust her anywhere these days, unless it is something like a fair, with kids grabbing her and people bumping into her, we will try those some more when she's a bit older- say a year.

If all she is doing is laying there, she knows her down, to not bark, beg for attention or eat food I'd say bring her.

However, it may be less enjoyable for you if Ty is having an off day and really just doesn't want to deal with it. I don't usually "plan" on taking Onalee anywhere, I take each day as it's own and evaluate her mood. 95% of the time she's fine, content and wants to go. Then you can tell when she just wants to lay around and not be bothered. In time that will change, they are still puppies, whether or not they can speak, here, side, whatever. Mentally they are puppies.

I say judge Ty on the day of the play, tire her out if you have time, play it by ear, dogs are like humans good days and bad days. Make sure you can enjoy yourself as well and not be worried constantly about her, fidgeting and what not, it only makes things that much worse.

But only you know how she is, what her weaknesses are, what her strengths are, how she handles certain situations, her energy level, her attentiveness in public, all the things that come with being with a pup 24/7.

Go by what is best for you and especially Ty to succeed, there will be more opportunities.

Good luck! In either case, I hope the play is fun!!

Emily and Suede said...

I think it depends on your puppy! With Suede I take her to school with me, and she is perfect. I would take her to a play if I went to one, but that is only because I trust her so much. Let us know how it works out.